Lil Wayne is a Black Man in America first. He is a talented rapper that’s been financially successful more than most since he was 15 years old, second. Though he claims to be a member of the Blood street gang from New Orleans’ Hollygrove area, he has been far removed from typical Gang Life that terrorizes some inner cities across America. Last week in interview with Nightline’s, Linsey Davis, Lil’ Wayne had some rather mind boggling statements to say regarding his lack of connection to the Black Lives Matter movement. His sensitive and unintelligent remarks has been met with a lot of criticism but backlash from one of his peers may be the most notable.

TI, is respected by his fans and many in both Hip Hop and Hollywood. The proclaimed, King of the South has been more in to his consciousness than the trap. While TI has seemingly experienced a bit of growth in recent social awareness, as can be heard on his Us or Else album, his counterpart, Lil Wayne appears to be regressing in that department.

Wayne who has admitted to codeine addiction and heavy duty drug usage, appeared to likely be under the influence during his interview. Critics blame drug addiction for his late dismissive and erratic behavior while others suggest that Wayne has failed to ever develop a respectable sensibility on social issues to begin with. He appeared on FOX, The Undisputed in September in which he caught headlines after saying,

“I don’t want to be bashed, because I don’t want to seem like I’m on the wrong side, but I thought that was clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism.”~ Lil Wayne

He received an earful of outrage following that interview but obviously that meant nothing to him as he said even more outrageous things this past week. As outlandish as his comments were, he clearly has the right to state his opinion, just as we are entitled to criticize him in response. While it is quite fine for differing minds to disagree, there is this such thing as public scrutiny and accountability that those in the public atmosphere are subject to.

The distancing of association from black progressiveness or black challenging of social constructs by famous black celebrities seems to be a popular stance. From Cam Newton’s sudden race neutrality to Jerry Rice and Richard Sherman #alllivesmatter stances; to Stacey Dash suggesting that BET divides America; to Raven Simone not being an “African America;” and now to Wayne suggesting that racism no longer exist. Everyday blacks with influence and powerful platforms work in counterproductive unison that is harmful to America at large. Rather Lil Wayne is attempting to gain media attention or not, some one of his peers should take responsibility to hold him accountable for his actions.

T.I. took on that responsibility in October when star boxer, Floyd Mayweather had some questionable things to say regarding #blacklivesmatter. TIP played no favoritism and he showed his consistency in his response to Lil Wayne’s comments. Though Lil Wayne, gave somewhat of an excuse and apology for his comments, that did not stop TI from taking to Instagram to call out his frequent collaborator. He went on to advise Lil Wayne to educate himself on “what’s going on around us,” and also to stop his “buffonery and coonin.”


In talking to some folks regarding this issues I realize how some of us disagree at important points. Personally, I believe a certain level of social responsibility comes with the territory of public visibility and massive influence. Sure Lil Wayne is no politician or activist, and as a rapper and public figure he’s no J Cole, Common or Jesse Williams. However that is no excuse for him to say such ill-advised things in public and not hear criticism about it.

Unlike some, I do not have a problem with TI, publicly calling out Lil Wayne. Why was he supposed to be considerate to challenging Wayne in public when Wayne held no reservations of making an ass of himself and us in public. I am not saying he is a reflection of all black people, as Wayne is certainly not the representative for me and probably not you, but if we continue to turn the other cheek when one of us is wrong how will we ever gain strength and unity? The threat of destroying or dismissing the wellbeing of the black collective is an expensive detriment that outweighs what potential benefit that the individual self can gain.

Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae responded to TI, via Instagram suggesting that he should have reached her father by text message regarding the matter. Though the conversation could have been held in private, I believe that it was important for us to see TI publicly challenge his friend. Many of us choose to bite our tongues everyday, to be considerate to the feelings of friends and family but in the end how really is that helping them or us? Though TI was replying to Lil Wayne, his message was necessary for many. Unfortunately, for every Colin Kaepernick there are 1,000 Shaquille O’Neal’s and OJ Simpsons (minus the murder). The denial of reality and the lack of consciousness is not just isolated to black celebrities, as lessor known Felicia’s and Brandon’s continue on with their lives on the daily basis as if blacks are not still disenfranchised and oppressed at record numbers in America. The racial disparity and unbalance in economics, and criminal justice is as apparent today as it was in 1960 in many ways.


In present day America there is really no room for the continued neutrality and disconnect. The jigg must stop, or if one wish to continue then he or she should be well prepared to hear about it. If the revolution will not be televised, the dismantling of the oppressed and oblivious mentality should be. Similar to having a large white fan base, one’s success does not negate one’s blackness. Though it may upgrade your zip code; improve your mode of transportation; add a few degrees or amount of professional prestige and social rank, it will not negate or diminish your blackness. Additionally, verbal disconnect does not equal actual disconnect, no matter how much you would like to convince yourself otherwise. If you or anyone else falls off the deep end, you should appreciate if you have a peer like TI to extend you love and show you how to swim back to shore of reality. That is the true definition of being your brother’s and sister’s keeper.




What are your thoughts about Lil Wayne’s comments and TI’s response?

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