What a beautiful time in Hip Hop and brilliant time to sip #THEJUICE. While Kanye West has everyone tuned into his Sunday Services, this week Houston’s new pride and joy, Tobe Nwigwe set the city on fire with Houston royalty, Paul Wall by releasing a new video and song called, Juice. As you may have noticed, I’ve been in zero dark thirty mode mostly all year, as I have not penned any new material. However, when my homie, Jimmy put me on to his former classmate’s music, I must say that the spark and excitement that I felt was so inspiring and overwhelming that I just had to share with you all.

As a lover of the culture, and considering the way that I was moved by the visuals, the story and the lyricism of this Tobe Nwigwe I just knew that I had to share the Juice. Though, Im clearly late to the clever Nigerian and Swat side of Houston representer, I do realize that it is better late than never. Come to find out, this Tobe guy has been consistently releasing new music and videos every single Sunday, via social media under the #twistedsundays hashtag. Aside from the visuals being on point, the way that Tobe and Paul Wall both body the beat on Juice, like a perfect tandem is enough to make even Shaq and Kobe envy the poetry in motion. For my 30 sumthins and early 2000’s rap fans, the chemistry and exchange of bars is nostalgic and reminiscent of a time when Paul and Chamillionaire turned heads with their witty lyrical exchanges.

This video comes at a time when Houston appears to be remerging with a wave of undeniable talent that cannot be ignored by the mainstream. H-town natives, Megan Thee Stallion and Maxo Kream both inked deals with Jay-z’s Roc Nation Imprint but it is Tobe Nwigwe that has the potential and talent to put the city back on the map in Hip Hop in a monumental way. His flow and cadence draws comparison to Andre 3000 and his lyrical depth and storytelling delivery is on par with Kendrick Lamar already. Every bar is deadly like a Tyson left hook, and his wordplay is as clever as Langston Hughes or Richard Wright’s mind behind the pen. In the competitive realm of rap, rappers have multiple ways in which they can create separation by distinguishing themselves apart from the opposition and as terms of separation, Tobe is already a distinguished gentleman on the mic. He has a total package, and a high level of charisma, confidence, swag and substance.  This is before any debut album and that’s scary. For now listeners can check out his multiple LP’s across listening platforms.

While his peers are inking deals with majors, Tobe appears to favor the independent route, as he has decided to stay lean, independent and go against the grain under Tobe Nwigwe LLC, which is entirely a whole different reason to celebrate him . If you feel like Hip Hop is lacking and too polluted with mumble rappers, then God has sent you a blessing because Tobe agrees. If you need some music to speak to your soul and get you excited about the art form again then look no further than Tobe Nwigwe. His flow is polished, and his essence is thought provoking. His bars is gut wrenching and on beats he gets funky on the mic like an ol’ batch of collard greens, word to Snoop.

Nwige rise to stardom is as organic and authentic as they come, and his consistency and dedication to his craft is clearly being rewarded. His undeniable talent even captured the ears of Eraykah Badu and earned him a facetime call from Dave Chapelle. Nwigwe blown away by the recognition from such esteemed folks decided to pay thanks to them on a track, called, Im Dope.

After listening to more of Tobe’s music, I do feel embarrassed that I am so late to such shining and promising star. Since watching the Juice video a couple days ago for the first time, I’ve been #TeamTobe every since and have delved deep into his music and visuals and have been randomly hit with the screw face on just about every song. I can’t get enough of the vibe and his energy so much that hell, I even watched his wedding and proposal video on youtube. Much respect to Fat (his wife) #BLACKLOVE

On God I was broke for over 30 seasons/Now me and Fat in our 30s bout to be in Norway like some malinated norwegians~ tOBE nWIGwE

Everyone that knows me, knows how passionate I am about hoops and Hip Hop. When I tell you that Tobe Nwigwe is worth a deep dive into and that you will surely love me for the recommendation, trust and believe that I am not lying. The brutha is dope, and he has the love of the entire H-town holding him down. If that isn’t enough to make you listen at least listen because he brought the great Paul Wall out of the darkness. Paul reminds us why we first fell in love with his flow from the beginning. The art both visually and sonically is refreshing and something to pay attention too.

Tobe Nwigwe is definitely next up, he is #THEBLACKJUICE personified

Drink to that!





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By Tay Jordan

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