First Spins: “ADHD” by Joyner Lucas 3/27/2020

To be fair, I know seldom about Joyner Lucas. He has 7 videos to this project that I am yet to see. It also seems difficult to find a fan! Heard him on Eminem’s “Lucky You” and thought he was decent though. I also heard about some mini beef with Dave Chappelle that came and went. Yet this album seems long awaited. Last project dropped in 2017 where he peaked at 9 on the Billboards for 1 week…damn. Well, let us see what this new joint hit for…

  1. Eight years old Joyner gets screened. Sets tone for album. He gets screened and as they progressed the doctor becomes more agitated right into intro.
  2. Contradiction song. Lied to get rich then reneged on promises. Consistent flow. His flow rides the beat well. Basically how he handled fame.
  3. Shout out to those that opposed him. Fast, upbeat flow saves lack of content.
  4. Harmonizes hook. Sounds like a heartbreak flow. Thug held it down better than Lucas. Forgettable song.
  5. Chris Tucker complaining about how long the album took to drop.
  6. Sacrifice type song. Sounds real Eminem-ish. Talking on struggles of coming up and the root of his love being music.
  7. Advice to higher power. Basically ask his higher power to trade the “bad” people for the ones whom lives they have taken/effected. Believes that the wrong that is done is the work of the devil. No hook.
  8. Capping song. Lacked content. Seems the aesthetics of the album is to make sure the beats stay upbeat to match his flow.
  9. Kevin Hart complaining about the money he loaned him after the Lotto joint…could have been combined.
  10. Spits how impressed he is with his progress. Continuation of Lotto cap.
  11. Love flow. Harmonizes with Chris Brown. Speaks on how he acts away from old fling and trying to stay away.
  12. Sounds like he just wanted to spit on a Timberland beat. Flow is everywhere.
  13. First 3 verse song. Speaks on what he wants for himself against what others want for him and how he will get them back. Verse 2 about who helped. Verse 3 speaks how he wants little to do with the slackers.
  14. Doctor making up for being aggressive during screening. Shady doctor introduces Lucas to drugs to help with ADHD.
  15. Sounds like a Juice Wrld song. Fits the topic of the times. Speaks on his reaction to others while having ADHD.
  16. How the ambitious try to get the rappers. Fabolous focused more on dismissing the leeches. Forgettable.
  17. Wrapped Will Smith’s songs, movies, and references in his own creative way.
  18. Another 3 verse song. “Dear Summer” sample made for a decent ending. Flow everywhere. Bragged on industry connects.

On first listen, I find it difficult for me to be playing again. Aesthetics of the album was obviously fast paced flow over matching beats, which makes it very overwhelming though that marriage does fit. The 2-verse songs really fit with the ADHD title. There were only two 3-verse songs which were both decent. Skits were pretty fitting as well. The features were all pretty forgettable. I believe the album could have ended on track 15 and really held the ADHD narrative.  So was it worth the wait…..nope!

Rating 5/10

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