Nas is the best MC of all-time. Yep, it’s my opinion but there is not much room for any critical debate. The three MC’s many try to throw in the argument are Jay-Z, 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G, however they do not compare to Nas lyrically. What’s interesting is that all of these MC’s came up at the same time and all knew each other personally. God rest the souls of 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G, they both passed away much too early. Jay-Z and Nas had their infamous battle in the early 2000’s, which we all witnesed Nas ether HOV. I will not begin to sit here and go on a tangent about that battle, which I could easily do. Something I will do is give you 3 songs where Nas shows why he is lyrically superior and more skilled then any other rapper. Check out the three songs below.

Song #1: Nas Rewind

On this track Nas literally rapped about a chronological order of events from end to beginning. No other rapper has done anything like this. This song is considered a classic to the hip-hop community. This track appeared on Nas’ 5th studio album, “Stillmatic.” The Queensbridge native received “5 Mics” in The Source magazine. This was when mic’s really mattered by the way. 

Song #2: Nas “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”

This track is an absolute classic and shows that Nas was ahead of his time even at 19 years old. It appeared on his classic, debut album, “Illmatic.” Check it out here!!!

Song #3: Nas “Find Ya Wealth”

On this track Nas is telling the people to look within to reach their full potential. We are all Gods and Goddesses if only we have the courage to go within. Great song!

Nas has an endless catalogue of hits and these are just three songs that places the God’s son on the rap throne.

I hope you enjoyed these songs. Be on the look out for more articles and opinions from me on The Black Juice. Don’t be scared to sip the JUICE!

~Rob Parks


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8 thoughts on “Nasir Jones is the Best MC of All-Time and Here Are Three Songs to Prove Why”
  1. He’s a poet and a rapper’s rapper. He’s to Rakim what Jay-Z is to Big Daddy Kane–a successor in that respective lane. I see this argument and often agree, depending on the day and mood I’m in.

    1. Yes rewind is an amazing track! Nas is stupid nice! And congrats on ur first comment on the Black Juice! Thanks for sippin brutha, please comeback for me!

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