Political Journalist and Technology Policy Analyst Cory Lancaster is on a quest to understand and solve the social policy problems of the 21st century. In her new podcast, 82 Tabs of Politics and Policy, the Social Engineer turned Software Developer has gathered a team of analysts, journalists, film-makers, photographers, and poets to call on their networks and nerd out about policy solutions.

Together, Cory and her team are presenting resources for currents events issues and taking ownership of reform by putting action behind their thoughts.This podcast is not a space for reiterating the policy issues of this political administration, or placing blame on the current political climate. This podcast is a space for highlighting solutions and the analyses behind them.

The purpose of this project is to invent solutions with diverse intellectuals and raise awareness. We’re covering everything from federal politics to local current events swept below the fold. In quarter one we’re tackling local and federal elections, automation, foreign policy, the DMV’s missing girls, sex work, public safety, police brutality, healthcare, political expression in hip hop, technology’s impact on black market trade, and much more!

Although you may only hear us for one hour each week, you can find our op-eds, articles, field interviews, community service events, reading lists and small business shout outs bi-weekly on TheBlackJuice.com and Medium at Medium.com/@82Tabs.

Meet the Team!

Jennifer Blemur, Outreach Coordinator

A Brooklyn native and first-generation Haitian-American, Jennifer Blemur is a licensed attorney living in the District of Columbia. As a graduate of the David A. Clarke School of Law, Jennifer is committed to advancing public welfare for all. The University of Pittsburgh was one of the first places Jennifer began her path to leadership, serving in the Black Action Society, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, and the undergraduate mentoring program. She made her move into policy working as the Policy Associate and Legal Counsel to the National Black Caucus of State Legislators. Jennifer also serves as the Policy and Legal Affairs Director of Together Restoring Economic Empowerment (TREE) an organization she helped to start.

Brittany Boston, Production Assistant

Brittany is a journalist and radio host from Prince George’s County, Maryland.She graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a degree in Journalism. She plans on combining her loves of writing, interviewing, community service, and politics to create a more knowledgeable and politically aware community.

Briana Givens, Editor in Chief

A graduate of Clark Atlanta University, Briana Givens is a freelance journalist, editor, and poet specializing in public policy and mental wellness.

With special thanks to:

Kyle Edwards, Sociologist and Aesthetic Engineer

Calvin Jackson, Photographer

Hopewell Thought, Advisor and Mentor

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By Cory Lancaster

Cory is a thrift store enthusiast, yogi in the making and an outspoken carefree black girl.