The media has put a major spotlight on the term “Super team” but if we just take a second and look back at a little history, we will realize that they have been around for a very long time. We as fans just didn’t look at them in that way.
Let’s start with the 80’s versions of the Lakers and Celtics. One of the best rivalries of the decade and maybe the century. The “Showtime” Lakers were led by Magic, Kareem and Worthy. They won three titles with Abdul-Jabbar coming over from the Milwaukee Bucks. The Celtics were led by Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish (who came over from Golden State) they would also win multiple championships in the same decade.
The media crucifies today’s stars such as LeBron, KD and others for chasing the ultimate goal of winning a ring. It isn’t always guaranteed that teaming up with other high profile players will bring success, just take a look back at the Houston Rockets of the late 90’s when Clyde Drexler, Charles Barkley joined Olajuwon to make a run but it didn’t pan out as they thought it would.
Fast forward a little over a decade later when King James made “The Decision” and joined two of his best friends on South Beach as a member of the Miami Heat. Fans and media lost their mind when he made the choice to leave Cleveland but years before the Celtics formed a Big 3 that won a title and there wasn’t any flack behind it. The trio in Boston is what I think started this trend and now analysts and media think its destroying the game, but it’s monkey see, monkey do and the Big three idea is just evolving with the best stars the game has to offer.
The latest star to bolt to a new team is Kevin Durant and he was also shot down by the media for changing area codes, but as I said before at this point in his career it’s about winning championships.
I don’t think this is killing the league because the NBA allows it and currently there are no rules against it, so sit back and catch one of these “Super teams” in an arena near you!
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