We have now become the laughing stock of the entire living world. We elected someone to the highest office who has no plan, no experience, and no morals whatsoever. We elected Someone who has used fear of things that don’t even happen to control our mindsets. Someone who has chosen to divide this country into a White against ALL frenzy, and epitomized what it means to be Privileged.

Persons of Color (POC) in the United States, let this be a lesson to you. Let this be a learning experience, and the head on knowledge that certain groups of people stick together when we do not, and that type of unification ALWAYS wins.

Today we were once again shown that the America which was stolen from inception, is still one of the most racist countries on planet earth. Some
Said “let’s not be set back” with this election, when it is painstakingly obvious that we were never ahead to begin with. We can not count on Check and Balances to be enough this time around. And for that, we can blame no one but ourselves.

POC in the States (left out the United because we are definitely not that) please take care of yourself. Go forward with a close eye and sharp mind about who you consider friends, who you do business with, who you consider “for you”, and who you surround yourself with. America has spoken to your concerns, and treated them as a grain of salt.

I go to sleep with not only a hardened heart, but with a pain that is one of the most terrifying feelings I have ever experienced. Kids will wake up today and have to ask their parents if they are getting deported, if they should be friends with muslims, if it’s okay to be sexually violated by a man as long as he’s wealthy, and if their friends gay parents are truly a couple. The thoughts are overwhelming. The amount of people who don’t like me because of my skin color is reprehensible. And the fact that in 2016, people still vote against certain candidates because of the progress minority groups have made is unfathomable.

America, your hate for a Presidents skin color lead to the election of a egotistical rapist, a Playmate First Lady, a Vice President with ties to the KKK, and a governing body with absolutely no plan. Why?

I’ve always had to walk on eggshells in this country because of the color of my skin, today I think is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The fear of the unknown has never been more prevalent. The distrust in the government has never been more real. And the hate for me has never been more obvious.

To my former “friends” and associates who chose to endorse this candidate, your message has been received loud and clear. We no longer need to speak, interact, or communicate on any level, and after the next 4 years have passed, that shall still remain the same. There is no constructible word, sentence, or phrase in the English language that could allow you to say you care, or have love for me, but support someone who has belittled everything that people like me are as individuals. The two are inversely proportionate.

So here’s to all the Trump supporters. Congrats on getting what you wanted. Congrats on shaking up the establishment. Congrats on getting YOUR President. He is surely not mine, and he will never be addressed as such by me.

Oftentimes in life we get what we deserve, today there could not be a more false statement uttered.

I am truly disappointed to be an American today.

~Eric White

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