We all know that Donald Trump is a wacky political candidate. He is on what some have referred to as a downward spiral since announcing his candidacy. Like a shot of grain alcohol there really is not any easy way to start this so I will just jump right in. 

The. First. Speech.

Donald Trump announced his intent to be the next leader of the free world, with a speech that bashed Mexico and its people.

Drugs. Crime. Rapists.

This man was not playing games from the absolute beginning. He knew his audience from the start and he knew exactly how to reach them in a manner that will resonate and influence tense behavior. I tip my hat to Trump’s team for knowing intimately the strategy to get the most outrageous contingent of the American people. His target demographic of bigots not republicans were called upon to unite and show their faces in overwhelming numbers. From this point in the campaign until the present, Donald Trump has been the Pied Piper who has led his contingent of worrisome warriors with the precision of a five star general. He has subverted some of the central facets of the American Ideal and embarrassed his party.

Now at this point we were all laughing and just going on with our lives, that was our mistake. This man then came to the debate and while he didn’t act like some sort of monster, he did manage to get into a spat with the moderator Megyn Kelly. Above all though, he won. In a lineup with the people that the GOP thought would actually be suitable for the job, he won. And he wouldn’t even promise not to run as an independent.

How you let me run it down here? I’m not even from around here.~ Drake

That quote is of course actually Drake, but the sentiment remains the same. The Republican Nominee started his campaign by letting them know he was running in the Trump party, with a red cape. This isn’t really his party. Like the Koch’s, he gives money to everything and everyone so that they cooperate with him, because that’s what side he is on. His. The Right still chose him  as their candidate, they laughed when Ralph Nader came and wrecked our chances of a lefty win back in the day. Humans never learn from the mistakes of others.

Now during the second debate he did take some flak from the public because he disparaged women. Most specifically he disparaged an affluent Caucasian woman, and the American public does not play that. But he of course made fun of an affluent Hispanic woman and was able to get away with that no problem. Half of his campaign is against Mexico, how could he pass up an opportunity to “say what he means”? Also he made fun of Rand the only actually reasonable republican on the stage for being 11th in the lineup. And everyone else.

Jeb had to feel cheated, it must be terrible to wait your turn only to have someone skip the line.

The only one person he wasn’t really able to strike effectively was Carly. Note argument above.

After the second debate, he jumped ahead of everyone. Except Carson for a while, who really was the guilt pick for Republicans as long as possible. with some dips and jumps he extended his lead by the end of the year. He really increased his rhetoric about the Muslim population and secured his position for what we hoped was only a while.

But, the sky opened up in February and a presidential candidate said the word “schlonged.” Other than my disappointment that he neglected to say “bitchin,”,I was also upset that he used this in reference to a female candidate. Apparently this was not ominous to anyone else, because here we are, but so it goes.

Soon thereafter a Muslim woman was ejected from a Trump rally.

In January, National Review, a conservative political magazine and website, released an issue specifically targeting the Trump candidacy. This goes to show you that neither side knows anything, and no one listens to their academics.

His next big misstep occurred at a campaign rally where he says the word “p***y” in reference to Senator Cruz, after repeating a fan. Trump did not say it as his own words so he was able to maintain a degree of presidential dignity. A Trump degree.

Later that month, the Pope speaks against Trump’s wall and says that he is not a Christian.


The Trump campaign doesn’t “like fighting with the Pope and  they don’t really have the ability to last in an extended spat with a religious figure.  You tried, Your Holiness.

DAVID DUKE TELLS HIS SUPPORTERS TO VOTE AND VOLUNTEER FOR TRUMP. I don’t have anything to say about this. Duh.

The day after the Houston debate he releases tweets with semi-misspellings. Which kind of soured his victory the night before.

We could do this all day. Trump has taken every increase in popularity available to him. He has made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t really backtrack and is not apologetic. He avoided Chicago (Smart) and has repeatedly cited the city as not only a place of extreme “Inner City” violence but an example of the folly of gun control. He has incited his supporters to violence and has expressed his admiration for the good old days presumably a time before minorities, women, and the LGBT community would have had the rights and security to defend themselves. He has said that he wants to punish women for having abortions.

Yet he won the nomination in a landslide.

It just got worse from there. The Trump campaign’s staff has been jumping. The sexual assault allegations that have been pouring in are terrifying. The Trump campaign has not made it clear that they are going to accept the results of the election. If it’s “Al Gore not accept the results of the election by all means exercise your constitutional rights. However, ANY, talk of violent secession is not only terrifying because we don’t exactly have a great reputation on a global scale and a fractured military will weaken us as a nation, additionally the South isn’t quite known for its tolerance of  any of the minority groups that are so deeply entrenched there.

In short, what we have is a man who is playing on the fear, bias, and hatred that results from a class of people who feel that their previous guarantee of social superiority has been threatened by the advent of a  plentiful, educated minority and giving that group the false hope that opposition rather than compromise is the correct path to pursue. An insult to America and all of the ideals that we are supposed to represent.

~Peter Simmons

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