Every woman wants to age graciously and feel as fabulous as she looks. There are many products that claim to give you the results that you desire, but very few deliver on that promise, especially in respect to black women.  Goddess body Products, were created by Angela Elizabeth Baker.  She is a certified Holistic Health Consultant, certified Advanced Natural Wellness Practitioner, and a certified Reiki II Energy Healer. Her products are designed to provide customers with knowledge on how to maintain a healthy and wholistic lifestyle.

 It is important to not only care for the exterior of our bodies but one must be attentive to the mental and spiritual departments as well. Our bodies are a temple, and it is imperative that we service them appropriately, in order to live long, healthy, and happy lives.  Some of the Goddess products include:

  • The Goddess Body Cleanse– this is a women’s herbal detox system, some of its benefits are it can help clear skin issues, help with weight loss and balance female related organs & hormones.

  • Large Healing 100% Natural Black Soap 8oz.-this African black soap has many uses including washing your hands and face, but can also be lathered up to use as a shampoo.

  • Yoni Oil- this oil can help with the healing and prevention of many feminine problems, including yeast infections, bacterial infections, etc. Can also be used for skin maintenance from head to toe.

There are many more amazing products available, and they can be found on the website: www.goddessbody.org

Angela is raising awareness and is determined to bring a natural holistic lifestyle to the community. Her drive and determination, stems from personal illnesses. From the young ages of 18-21, she grappled with fibroids, ovarian cysts and kidney issues.  Determined not to let her diagnoses hold her back, she began following a plant- based diet, along with researching and training with the best in holistic health. After just a year and a half, she was able to rid her body of her illnesses.

Baker is graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, where she earned her Bachelors in Forensic/Criminal Justice and Biology. She went on to earn her Masters of Science in Biology, with a concentration in Plant Science, from Virginia State University.  Angela is also a Holistic Nutritionist and she has experience working as a histocompability, pharmacy, and microbiological laboratory technician. When she is not conjuring up new natural remedies she is working as a college biology professor by day.

For questions about Goddess Body products you can contact Angela through email: [email protected] and you can also follow her on Instagram @goddessbody.

Angela truly is a phenomenal woman, who is doing extraordinary things. She’s an inspiration to women, both young and old, to not let anything, health issues included, stop you from succeeding in life. She is an example of what perseverance, determination, and faith looks like. By discovering a way to eradicate her illnesses, she was able to find her calling, and now is helping women across the world feel and look like a goddess.

This sister is super intelligent and is definitely someone with #THEBLACKJUICE #onthecomeUP

~Marquita Davis

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