Aaron Maybin is more than just an athlete, an artist, and advocate. He is a father, a family man, and a great example of what it truly means to be free. Many people dream of freedom. Freedom to not have to answer to anyone, freedom to do as they please, and the freedom to make money how they truly want to. Many stay where they are at, due to the strong fear of the unknown and not wanting to move out of their comfort zone. No growth can ever be achieved, unless one is removed from ones’ comfort zone. For Aaron his comfort zone for years was football.


Aaron shows us that it’s okay to walk away, and his life is a great example of what it means to walk into your destiny, find your purpose, and to walk by faith. Born in Baltimore, MD, Aaron Michael Maybin, has been blessed with many talents, and an ability to convey his emotions into beautiful and powerful works of art. He is a former linebacker, in both the NFL and CFL. He attended Penn State University, where he played football. In 2009 his hard work paid off, as he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills, in the first round. Even though his desire was to always play in the NFL, the arts provided him with another outlet that he would nourish on the full time basis, post football. When Aaron was 11, he won an arts competition, which allowed him to paint a mural on the side of a Habitat for Humanity building, in downtown Baltimore. Aaron is an advocate for the social injustices taking place in our communities and it was his passion for art that led to him founding Project Mayhem. Mayhem has been his nickname since a child on the football field. His foundation was established to provide both personal and economic aid, to underprivileged and at risk youth.

Similar to many other talented artists on Instagram, Aaron is using social media to promote his art in efforts to speak out against police brutality and encourage black unity. His paintings invoke thought as it sends a powerful message to America and the community. Senseless violence, judging someone based on skin color, the way they dress, or where they live has to end. As Marvin Gaye says,

“we need to find a way to bring some understanding here today.” 

One particular painting that caught a lot of attention, depicts a faceless young man who has a target on his forehead. It was posted to Instagram on Dec. 31, 2015, and Aaron wrote a powerful message in the caption,

This brother is super talented with his paint brush, please show your support and check out more of his work by visiting his website (http://www.aaronmaybin.com) Here you can purchase not only his artwork but also apparel. Proceeds generated from his art goes to youth programs through his foundation. Aaron is an artist with #THEBLACKJUICE #onthecomeUP

Instagram: @aaronmaybin

Facebook: Aaron Maybin

Twitter: @aaronmaybin

~Marquita Davis

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