In 2016 the internet is filled with a plethora of young black talent in the arts. From staged reality to scripted web series and eye opening documentaries, people are creating their own content at higher raters than ever before. One particular artistic piece stole my attention like a thief in the night. “The Plan” is a short film by 23 year-old, DeMareon Gipson. He is a talented film maker, poet and author from Vallejo, California. Gipson uses his creativity and artistic abilities to express his consciousness and ideals but also to challenge the many injustices faced by African Americans. “The Plan” is the first short written by Gipson and it is directed by Lala Openi and produced by, Brooke Doaks. Gipson is no stranger to artistic expression. He released a book of poetry called, Looking Forward in 2014.

“The Plan” is a thought captivating short with piercing visuals to accompany very important commentary that sheds light on black plight. Gipson’s words challenges black consciousness by exposing America’s past and present dirty truths and racially biased systems. His explanation on black division and disorder is honest and raw, while his acknowledgement of systematic oppression is direct and blatant. This short, provokes thought and challenges comfortability in ignorance. I would advise one to tune in, as the video is definitely 3 minutes of the day spent well.

You can view “The Plan,” below and for more updates from DeMareon Gipson, visit here.

~ TayJordan


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