Yep, 82 million was the final figure. Nope not for DeAndre, or LaMarcus but for this guy off the bench named, Tristan. I am sure you are like every other basketball fan under the sun and you probably think the Cavs overpaid for the designated rebounder. I was like you and thought the same thing but as I began to analyze the deal and the big picture, I have since changed my mind about the deal. The deal makes a lot of cents but maybe even more sense than many of us would like to admit.

It’s no secret that LeBron and Tristan share the same agent in Rich Paul and LeBron made it clear that he saw a future in Cleveland for his buddy, Thompson . Dan Gilbert had to tread lightly, and if giving Tristan Thompson 82 million dollars was what was necessary to keep the best player in the world happy, then sure Thompson is worth every penny.

Extending Thompson for 82 million will be a bargain move– Next year the NBA salary cap is set to take a 60% hike, and that 82 million figure will look like pennies compared to deals next year and after.

Not resigning Thompson this year would have put Cleveland in a position to lose him in unrestricted free agency next year– If no deal was reached before the start of the 2015-2016 season. If Thompson took the Cavs 7 million dollar qualifying offer, he would have been free to sign anywhere in unrestricted free agency. The Cavaliers knows exactly how it feels to lose a great player for nothing, as it happened in 2010 with LeBron James so I am sure that they didn’t want to do that with the young Thompson.

Tristan cannot be replaced– When Kevin Love went down in the playoffs, the Cavs got better defensively with the insertion of Thompson in the starting lineup. On top of that, Thompson is a manic on the offensive class as he ranked 5th last season in that category. He has proven his durability as he has never missed a game in four seasons and his motor is consistently high. Most importantly he can’t be replaced because of the strong ties and relationship that he has to the franchise player.

He will be valuable trade bait if necessary– Locking Thompson up now for 82 million can be attractive to potential suitors if needed in the future. With his knack for rebounding, his durability, youth and potential, many teams will find his services attractive. If Cleveland ever wanted to move his contract, it probably would not be difficult because taking the expected salary cap increase into consideration, Thompson at 82 million will be a low number

Analyzing everything, I would suggest that Cleveland did not shoot themselves in the foot this time. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money….Gilbert sure did SPEND!


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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why The Tristan Thompson Deal is Not So Bad After All”
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  2. I like this story! I felt this was a good deal for CLE from the start but seems like many people are unaware of the amount the salary cap is getting ready to go up. Really like Tristan as a player and aside from kyrie, He is all thats left of what was built post LeBron Pt.1. I dont think he will be in Cleveland to fufill the contract though to talented to be on the bench forever.

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