What’s up brutha’s and sista’s, bottom of the year to you all!

I may be dating myself but growing up, one of my favorite shows was The Reading Rainbow. That show left a lasting impact on me and helped spark my thirst for knowledge and reading. It is true what they say, “reading is fundamental,” but one particular saying that I take exception to is,

“If you want to hide anything from a Black person then put it in a book”

This is a statement that makes me cringe and I deny its validity.

I am challenging YOU, to help me dispel such horrible myth by committing yourself to READ one book each month. Not only that but I want you to join theblackjuice.com Facebook page and engage with others in The Black Juice Book Club. It will be a meeting place of Fun. Growth. Encouragement and Enlightenment. A place for intellectuals to share feedback from their readings and engage with others, in effort to think and grow with each other.

Each month will be a new book that the group helps determine together. From old authors to new authors, to well known authors to lessor known ones. Fiction to non fiction, to self help to thriller, to autobiographies, nothing is off limits.

To kick the new year off, we will be starting off with The Fire This Time by Jesmyn Ward, which can be purchased here.

So join the group, grab you Kindle, audio book or hardcopy and get reading with #TheJuice

Tell a friend to tell a friend!

Peace and Love

Lets READ!



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By Tay Jordan

Tay is a Cleveland, Ohio native and current Washingtonian. She likes LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Hip Hop, her friends/family and Reese Cups. She dislikes Steph Curry, racism and coconuts. Jordan also enjoys sparking critical thinking even through voicing controversial opinions.