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It’s getting cold and we all know what that means! Cuffing season is live and in effect. For those of you outside the loop, cuffing season refers to that time of year where people begin to pair up in preparation for the cold season. Being stuck in the house with no one to cuddle with all winter can for some be a depressing reality indeed. Cuffing season is notorious for receiving texts from old flames and exes. Now, before you get that old thing back, here are some must listen to songs to bring you back up to speed. If you still want your old flame after listening to these songs, then you know it’s real.

#5 Emotional Rollercoaster – Vivian Greene

Some loves are just full of ups and downs. They are as taxing as they are fulfilling. This is the kind of love that has Emotional Rollercoaster at #5. Vivian Greene’s ballad about an unhealthy draining relationship is beautiful and soul stirring as it is a learning moment. Vivian sings of the ups and downs, the lies and the love and making that hard decision. People are exes for a reason.

#4 No More– Ruff Endz

The R&B Duo Ruff Endz didn’t bless us with many songz but No More is a great song filled with those great vibes that let 90’s jamz hit and hit hard. No More is a cautionary tale about what you invest in relationships and what you get back. They list off the things they brought to the table (shopping sprees, late night creeps, VIP, friendship) and how they can’t even be cool. That one ex who you gave the world to and still wasn’t good enough for. Yea bump that, he/she is an ex for a reason.

#3 Take a Bow– Rihanna

The first single from the re-release of Rihanna’s third album, Good Girl Gone Bad Reloaded, Take a Bow took off like a rocket. Though the melody is slow, the delivery of the lyrics is rich with the tone that the song hopes to encapsulate. Rihanna sings the lyrics telling the tale of a woman who spent an entire relationship with someone who never truly allowed her to know him. The little chuckles that she gives as she tells him that he put on quite a show are exactly the way I laugh at texts in the fall months from a certain ex. Take A Bow is a great reminder to remember that if the person isn’t real with you then nothing solid can really be built.

#2 U Don’t Have To Call– Usher

8701 was the truth! A great album for Usher and ripe with timeless hits. The thing that gets U Don’t Have to Call on this is list is its proactive and confident tone. Cuffing season is in essence a passive thing. Instead of waiting on them to hit you up and waiting by the phone to get chose, you can go to them. Usher starts off moping around, then quickly gets up goes out and has a good time. People can toy with your emotions only if you allow them to. Usher wisely laments that he’s gonna be alright, and so will you!

#1 Ex- Factor- Lauryn Hill

L Boogie perfectly summarizes the feeling of dealing with an ex on Ex Factor. Almost 20 years after its release, this song continues to be the one. Talking about the fights and asking the questions that will either make or break any reconciliation. When she asks “Tell me who I have to be, to gain some reciprocity?” the question hits a cord for many of us because we can relate. What do I have to do to get the same love from you that I have blessed you with? You be aware of what you bring to the table and be mindful of what you are getting in return. Before jumping into these cuffing season reconciliations ask em “where were you when I needed you?”. If you still wanna be with him, after listening to this track then you know that the love is deep. But if not, get on your usher vibe and move on and live life. It’s only a few months.

Honorable Mention Irreplaceable by Beyonce

Just short of making the top five is Beyonce’s empowering and infectious 2006 hit, Irreplaceable.  The third single from Beyonce’s sophomore album B’day, was a resounding hit for the songstress and was arguably the best performing song from the album. This song’s message is plain and simple. No one is irreplaceable, so note that nothing should be taken for granted. So when you are sitting at home responding to text from ol dude or ol girl about the good ol days, remember that you are special and not replaceable.


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