More than a year after a fatal shooting at a T.I. concert in New York City’s Irving Plaza, hip-hop podcast host Taxstone has been indicted on murder chargers, DNA Info reports.

Taxstone, born Daryl Campbell, 31, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Ronald McPhatter, 33, who was working as a bodyguard for rapper Troy Ave before Troy and Stone got into a heated brawl in a VIP room in May 2016. McPhatter tried to intervene to stop the confrontation between Troy Ave and Tax Stone but his intervention sadly ended in his death.

Taxstone and Troy Ave had a well-publicized feud for months before the shooting took place, in which Taxstone publicly made threats and challenged the Brooklyn rapper to a fight. His statements were later used by federal prosecutors against him.

The shooting left Troy Ave shot in the leg, and he was arrested the following day on attempted murder and weapons charges for allegedly firing off a firearm as well. Troy Ave born, Roland Collins filed legal suit in August 2016, against Irving Plaza for allegedly failing to provide “adequate security.


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Taxstone was not charged until this year after police linked him to the murder weapon. In June, he pleaded guilty to two federal weapons counts stemming from the incident, in which he’s facing 20 years in prison. In court on Thursday (July 13), he also pleaded not guilty to the murder charge.

Taxstone enjoyed success from his controversial but entertaining, Hip Hop oriented show, Tax Season under the Loud Speakers Network. The incident proves how it doesn’t pay to have one foot in success and another foot into violence.



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