In 2014, 7 million people in poor households were doubled up with family and friends, which was the most common prior living situation before becoming homeless. On any single night in January 2015, 564,708 people were experiencing homelessness — meaning that they were sleeping outside or in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program. Approximately 1.2 million school age children were without consistent nightly shelter across the nation. From rape to molestation and other issues that displacement can bring. The stories are horrific but not all turn out as negative products of their circumstances and environments.

in 2014, Sports Illustrated dedicated time and resources into further investigating the crisis and below is a short look into 3 stories that they came across. The video below takes you inside three lives of then high school athletes who found themselves in desperate situations. Today they are all 3 in stable and successful living conditions. These athletes are #THEBLACKJUICE Athletes #onthecomeUP.


Isaiah Lamb is a current Sophomore Shooting Guard at Marist College. He is from Baltimore, Maryland.

Bobby Limon is a current Sophomore Offensive Lineman at The University of Incarnate Word. He is from Port Lavaca, TX

Tyritta Dixon is a former high school basketball standout. She went on to play basketball at Brown Mackie College for one year after high school. She is from Oklahoma City, OK.


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By Tay Jordan

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