Black and Sexy TV is doing the damn thing and they do not look to be in any rush to stop. The innovative brand is led by couple, Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier, and Creative Director, Brian Hardening. The LA based team have worked diligently to create productions that serve to tell black stories that are performed and created by black creatives. Though powerhouses like, HBO and BET have greenlit their projects recently, that does not take away from the impressive work that the Black and Sexy brand has been able to do independently.

Dennis Dortch created What a Day to Be Black and Sexy, while in film school in 2008. The vignette style film, did well at Sundance and later appeared on Netflix and Showtime. Dortch often serves as Creator, Director and Editor for many of the company’s projects and Hardening executes visuals as the Cinematographer. The duo did not stop with the initial success of What a Day to Be Black and Sexy, instead they continued to create and add the creative and marketing mind of Numa Perrier to the team, who also manages programming, marketing and development for the company.

The group, though met with early adversity and limited funds decided to be resilient in their pursuit as they continued to create amazing content. After working day and night to write, create, direct and shoot incredible content they eventually had to find a home to house such content. The innovators decided to first try their hand in self distribution but after failing to sustain early, they decided to house their content on Youtube in 2011. With shows like, The Couple, The Number, and Roomieloverfriends, Black and Sexy TV began to grow somewhat of a cult following on the grassroots level.

We are filmmakers who started our own platform so we can greenlight and distribute our own projects. With the success of the film, we discovered the need for more stories and characters from our point of view – a Black Point of View. Unlike mainstream media, here you will find a reflection of yourself and other people you may know. We have been creating non-stop since 2008, exploring racial politics, sexual politics, and intimacy. ~ Black and Sexy TV

Some 124k Youtube subscribers later the brand has been able to revert back to monetizing their projects independently via, which they refer to as “The leading Network for Progressive Black People Since 2008.” On this platform they charge viewers on the pay – per view basis. As a result of a partnership with distribution and streaming company, VHX, provides new original material, along with behind-the-scenes footage and commentary for only $7 per month to viewers. They still introduce new projects on their Youtube channel but for full episodes and extended coverage, viewers are encouraged to support them at their home on

“Our vision is to become a household name with a full slate of original programming. “Select TV partnerships with companies we respect and understand us creatively are one of the pieces to building that.”~ Numa Perrier

Their show, Roomieloverfriends was executive produced by Issa Rae, who first gained success with her “Awkward Black Girl” web series. The American Black Film Festival award winning web series,  caught the eye of BET Executives and migrated to television on the network for a season in 2015. “We noticed Black&Sexy TV has a dedicated fanbase, and their fans’ obsession for this content mirrors the obsession our audience has for BET and our content,” said Pete Danielsen, BET’s Executive VP of program planning, scheduling and acquisitions.

Additionally, HBO who is experiencing great success with Issa Rae’s, Insecure has also partnered with Black and Sexy TV, to further develop the Youtube favorite, The Couple. Black and Sexy TV’s content, which explores sexuality, authenticity and black nuances resonates strongly with their target audience.

The Black and Sexy TV brand is definitely “revolutionary” and should be embraced by us all for their innovative approach, commitment to telling marginalized and diverse stories and also for their ability to consistently provide the masses with quality content. Their content is extensive, rare, genius, easily to relate to and most of all good! You can subscribe and check out their projects on Youtube here and also lend your support by subscribing to stream their exclusive and extended content on

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