Unless you have been in hiding for the past month or so, you have probably heard about the latest viral sensation known as the mannequin challenge. The challenge which originated on the high school sports level, quickly picked up mass popularity when professional sports teams started doing the challenge and posting it on Twitter and Instagram. Plenty of people has taken part in the challenge, from Odell Beckham and the New York Giants, to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, to Hillary Clinton and her campaign team. The challenge has since reached a powerful group that has decided to put some meaningfulness to the challenge. That group includes law students from, Howard University School of Law.

Howard is a Historically Black University, located in Washington, DC. The students executed the challenge nicely, and the visuals and commentary is very powerful. To say that black lawyers matter would be an understatement and this video screams of hope for the future. Kudos to these students for raising awareness about the importance of black lawyering in America.



Check out the video below





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One thought on “Howard University Law Students Execute on Mannequin Challenge in Powerful Fashion”
  1. I love it. Its exactly where we need to be in our thinking when it comes to how Black people should behave moving forward. What a powerful way to empower so many people right. now. What I am learning is we have to become better educated, better able to articulate our perspective, and build our community from the ground up so it reflects who we are today and does not perpetuate the negative stereotypes that have lived in the spirits of American for far too long.

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