If you watched the first Presidential debate this past Monday between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton you may have experienced a few laughs and head shakes based on responses from both candidates. One thing not very funny though is the mockery of the 2016 presidential race. Both Trump and Clinton took turns hitting below the belt and criticizing each other but if you dig a little deeper the two appears to not be the arch rivals and nemesis that they are leading the public to believe. Beneath all the political propaganda and strategy the two candidates are a part of a class that not many American’s will ever be a part of and at the end of the day it is politics as usual.


Clinton has held nothing back when criticizing Trump about his failure to pay taxes, though she has take advantage of business loopholes as well. She also have attacked him for his discriminatory business practices and ignorance on foreign relations, but all of that was a non-issue when she attended the Republican nomination, nuptials at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida in 2005. Clinton is also said to have benefited from monetary contributions from Trump in years passed.
“I happened to be planning to be in Florida and I thought it would be fun to go to his wedding because it is always entertaining,” Clinton said. “Now that he is running for president it is a little more troubling.” ~ Hillary Clinton
When questioned about her attendance last year she tried to distance herself from Trump, saying, “I didn’t know him that well.”
However, Trump was asked about what he received from making such donations to several Democrats, including then-Senator Clinton.
“Hillary Clinton, I said be at my wedding, and she came to my wedding,” Trump said. “She had no choice because I gave to [the] foundation.”~ Donald Trump
Check out Hillary’s response in the video below:
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