Oakland, CA — The feeling of defeat and heartbreak is all too familiar for natives of Cleveland, Ohio. ESPN recently aired a documentary about the misery of the city’s professional sports teams titled “Believeland.”

It would of served as a perfect narrative if the Cavaliers were to actually win the title but being down 3-1, they’ll have their work cut out for them in doing so. No team has ever come back to win the finals after such a deficit. A series victory would have made all the pain and disappointment from years past worth i,t if the culmination was a championship that “reversed the curse’ but this is starting to feel like the main character dying in the movie.

The Golden State Warriors posses the “new car smell’ and this Cavaliers team is beginning to feel like the ending of an era. One win by either team in Game 5 (9pm EST ABC) could change the trajectory of the NBA. If Golden State wins they become back-2-back champions and accomplish arguably the greatest season ever (73 wins, Coach of the Year,1st unanimous MVP etc.) and Steph Curry would claim the title of being recognized as the best player in the NBA.

On the other side, the Cavaliers have nothing to lose, as their backs are against the wall facing history. The loss in Game 4 (108-97) gave the Cavs their first playoff loss at home, after going 9-0. LeBron James stat line was solid (25 points, 13 rebounds, and 9 assists) but a little inflated after getting garbage time points after the game had already been decided. Kevin Love returned from his concussion to a warm reception coming off the bench to provide 11 points in 25 minutes.

The Cavs brought the energy that they had the entire game 3, into game 4 but only in the first half. The Cavaliers turned the ball over, lost 50-50 balls, got in desperate scuffles, and missed many free throws to finish the game. They come out sluggish in the 4th quarter and if it was a battle between the current MVP and the former 4x MVP in LeBron James then the current MVP definitely won the battle.



Head Coach, Tyrone Lue is not without blame in game 4’s loss, because he had some pretty questionable timeouts and substitutions that reassured us that he is still a rookie Coach. Coach Kerr, a second year coach was the exact opposite as he utilized players deep on his bench. Seldom used reserves  James McAdoo and former Cavalier Andy Varejao played few minutes but were effective. The stat that stands out is Warriors are 10-0 after Game 5’s which could be the fatal blow to second tour of duty for a Lebron James lead group in Cleveland. Cavs fans are hoping that James can turn back the clock and play a Game 5 like the legendary one in Detroit back in 2007.

The Cavs do have one thing going there way heading into game 5, as yesterday it was announced that the Warriors, Draymond Green has been suspended for his altercation with LeBron James late in game 4. For Cleveland to win tonight they will have to cut down on missed defensive assignments and they will have to do a much better job with ball movement on the offensive end. In the second half of game 4, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James took 33 shots of the Cavs 38 shot attempts. That is certainly not the recipe for winning basketball, and hopefully the film session showed the Cavaliers exactly that. The Warriors are extremely difficult to beat on the road but Cleveland will obviously look to overcome the odds tonight. From the tip we will be able to see if Cleveland has checked out and are focused on vacationing or if they have some pride and heart and are looking to extend this series.

Are you still ALL IN? Do you you still believe in Cleveland? It is no reason to quit now. Cleveland has been down this road before but hey, there is always next year!


Ray Wright


What are your thoughts? Will Cleveland win tonight or will the Warriors be popping champagne tonight?

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