Steph being named this year’s MVP by unanimous decision is much deserved and should not be up for debate. Everyone must consider that the stuff that we witness him do on the court is something that we have never seen before in life. While it has only been 2 seasons of this type of greatness, these have been 2 seasons not seen from any other player, EVER! Excuse me but people can miss me with that T-Mac, Vince, and Kobe stuff, because they’ve NEVER been regarded as this deadly and efficient in all of their careers. Emphasis on EFFICIENT. MJ was great, so was Shaq, Kobe, AI and LeBron but in the history of the game, there has never been a player that every time he shoots the ball, EVERYONE in the gym believes it’s going in EVERY TIME. We are actually surprised when Stephen Wardell Curry misses a jump shot. Just his presence on the floor alone changes ENTIRE defenses and opens up the court for everyone else on his team to be successful. He forces defenses to recover and every team in the NBA are still trying to figure out a way as to how to adjust and recover. That right there is VALUABLE.

People that want to him call him just a shooter, just simply do not understand basketball so let me help you understand. Steph’s shooting effects the game much more than just being something fun to look at. Steph’s trigger finger makes opposition require to double team and his threat from the outside is so deadly that it opens up the floor for his other teammates. This is him making his team better, in a way that guys like Draymond Green and Klay Thompson can go to work. That right there alone is very VALUABLE. This season Stephen Curry was the best player on the best team without question so why would he not be MVP?

Let me get on this LeBron subject. Yes, LeBron  James at 6 foot 8, 250 pounds, can do more things on the basketball court but his presence is definitely not as intimidating as it once was. This is a new NBA where you have to be able to shoot to be successful, and let’s face it,  Lebron’s shot is BROKE and it has been that way all season. This man is no longer intimidating at all and he’s proven he can be stopped, thus he’s not as valuable to his team’s success. Steph at his highest level of production wins championships. LeBron at his highest level of production is a perennial RUNNER UP. Don’t believe me? Do I really need to remind you of his 2-4 finals record?

There is no way the Warriors win the most games of ALL TIME without Steph Curry. LeBron could not even win the most games of all time with his “all-time great” Miami Heat team. That was the same team that was supposed to win, “not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4,”  but that didn’t pan out so well. Stephen Curry led the Warriors to a record high 73 wins, by leading the league in scoring with 30.1 ppg; steals with 2.1; and free throw % at 90.8%. He broke his own record from a year ago with 297 made three pointers by making 402 this year. His efficiency was off the charts as he shot 50% from the field and 45% from three point territory. May I add that he did all of this by sitting out most 4th quarters, as he only played 34 minutes a night.

It is a new day, and Stephen Curry has arrived. The time has come for the basketball world to accept that fact and witness greatness. Anything else would make you a hater in denial.


~Tevin Scott

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  1. So you think if Lebron and Steph swapped teams that the Steph led team would be better? Are you crazy, high, or both?

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