This is wrong, very wrong but I could not resist. The most important rules taught in journalism school is to remain unbiased and write objectively. Today that rule is out of the window because I am definitely biased on this topic. As an avid Kobe Bryant “ride or die,” nothing made me more angry in basketball debates than a #sillynobasketballknowledgehavingperson saying that Kobe was Robin to Shaq’s Batman, during their time together. People love to discredit Kobe’s greatness any way that they can. If it wasn’t Shaq, it was LeBron, not LeBron then it was MJ, not MJ then it was calling Kobe a “punk,” not a punk well people said they just didn’ t like him. I have been the captain of #teamkobe for over 20 years now, so yes I have heard all the hate.

This short segment is for the haters. In interview with ALLHIPHOP.COM earlier his week, Shaq gave his very bold, first hand  opinion on Kobe’s place in Laker history and their place in history as a duo.

Check it out.

What are your thoughts on what Shaq had to say?



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