Show Series: Close Friends

YouTube Channel: 2kLifeTv

Director & Creator: Mr. Ricky W. Jean Francois & Mr. Mckinson Souverian

Summary: Close Friends is a web series on YouTube that follows the lives of six friends as they try to navigate their way through the trials of friendship, love, and the various issues they encounter. During a large part of the first and second seasons of the show, many of the characters deal with an array of topics such as heartbreak, love, sexual assault, and drug usage. Overall, their life long friendship remains solid, and they realize that their bond is a special one.


Nathan (Julian Hanlan); Tori (Ashley Arielle); Kevin (Austin Buda); Raheem (Nigel Hylton); Kira (Debbie Obile); and Valerie (Erica Nicole) have been best friends since their days of middle school, and their group has managed to remain together even in their twenties. Trying to find love with his middle school crush and romantic interest Valerie, Nathan also shows the complexities of how young men in this generation deal with relationships by still sleeping with Valerie’s best friend and her friend, Tori. Raheem leads the pack of his male friends as the self acclaimed “ladies man,” while Kevin plays the role of “the nice guy” who many women overlook as he does the same to them. Trying to mend his heart after a harsh breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Kevin begins to seek solace with a woman who doesn’t have his best interests at heart and quickly leads him on a path of moral demise and drug addiction. Portraying herself as the independent, confident and de facto leader of her girlfriends, Kira builds a hard exterior around herself as protection from getting hurt by another man, but quickly finds herself falling for her handsome and seemingly perfect neighbor. Throughout all the drama they face, they are all connected through their love for one another and they manage to keep their friendship intact during their most difficult moments.


Close Friends is one of those shows that isn’t perfect, as the project displays imperfect characters. That is what is so special about the series, as many will find events where they can relate. Personally, I found myself becoming addicted to this show not just because of the attractiveness of the male cast members, but also because this group of friends reveal real venerability like an open book.  In a sense, it’s like watching your group of friends pal around and make the wrong decisions, but you never leave them because your love for them is too deeply rooted. There are not many shows where we are shown a group of young African American friends who have great occupations and care for one another so much while trying to find their way in life. I think that’s the beautiful thing about Close Friends. Even through betrayal, loyalty is still evidenced as the group of friends show their devotion to one another as they fight tooth and nail to stay together. At times I find myself sympathizing with the female characters while laughing and shaking my head in disapproval at the males. This show proves that no one is perfect; life is not easy; and sustaining relationships and friendships are difficult. 

There are many elements of this show that reminds me of critically acclaimed programs such as, Girlfriends, Entourage, and Friends. This web series reminds me of all these shows and more, just less humorous and more drama based. The steady build up in each episode follows the storyline efficiently, and leaves you eager to see what happens transpires next. This is a series that will attract any black viewer between the ages of 16-30. Close Friends is a definite hit and a highly recommended show. Currently, it is in production of it’s highly anticipated Season 5 premiere. 

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