It’s 2016 and this should be another great year for actors and actresses of color in Hollywood. For the next few Monday’s the Black Juice will reveal an actor or actress to be on the look out for in 2016. These actors are young, talented and hungry so it makes perfect sense to feature them in our “onthecomeUP” section. They all have upcoming projects that needs our support, so I took it upon my self get you hip.

The first actor on this list is none other than, Keith Stanfield.

Keith is new but not that new. You have seen him in multiple films but may not have realized it. In Selma he was “Jimmie Lee Jackson,” in Dope, he was “Bug,” and in Straight Outta Compton, he played as “Snoop Dogg.” Stanfield has the versatility and charisma that will keep fans watching him for years.

This year, will be a defining one for the young actor. Stanfield has a flurry of films coming out, but the ones to really look out for are War Machine and Snowden. At only 24 years of age, the California actor has the complete package to make his mark in Hollywood.

The only thing more interesting than his films is his story. He landed a role in a college kid’s short for his college thesis project a few years ago. After completing that project he decided to put the breaks on action for a few years until he got the call to be in the film when the student project was picked up to become a feature production. From there he only went up. In those years in between he worked as a gardener and as a representative at AT&T. If he looks familiar to you and you’re from Cali, its a good chance that he sold you a phone in the past.

His story is one of perseverance, and timing. Stanfield proves to us, the power of timing and not giving up on your dream. Keith is special because he is very skilled in “method acting.” Method acting is a technique that some highly notable actors use. Dustin Hoffman, Daniel Day Lewis, Heath Ledger, Denzel Washington have all been noted as using this complex method. The tactic is when the actor commits his/herself to complete emotional identification with the character being played when he/she is on and off the screen. Often times the actors go as far to experience in real life what the character is experiencing on screen. It is a technique that can very dangerous and even harmful, but also very effective and amazing.
Keith is gaining more and more respect in Hollywood. His distinctive look and character range should surely ensure him a career of success and longevity. From selling phones to playing roles on screen, this week’s actor is Keith “Smoov” Stanfield. He’s got NEXT!

Stay tuned for a new actor or actress to be revealed in Volume 2, coming next week!

~Johnathon Jackson

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